EUFEPS PhD students competition


EUFEPS PhD students competition 2023

For the first time, EUFEPS organized a competition between PhD students from different member societies. In total, 10 candidates competed in a special session by giving an overview of their work in 5 min. The jury members, Dr. Thomas Sauer (Sanofi Aventis, Germany), Dieter Steinhilber (University Frankfurt, Germany) and Ana Grenha (University of Algarve, Portugal) asked a question to each candidate. Cristina Casadidio (FIGON), Souhaila El Moukhtari (Spain) and Gülşen Aybar Tural (Turkey) have been selected by the jury as the best three candidates.

As the first winner, Cristina Casadidio presented her PhD thesis with the title Injectable thermosensitive hydrogel for heart regeneration. The second prize was awarded to ouhaila El Moukhtari for her work on "Nanomedicines for the treatment of pediatric neuroblastoma". And Gülşen Aybar Tural received teh third prize for her work on "Preparation and Characterization of Microrobot Systems for Active Drug Targeting".

The prizes are linked to a monetary donation of 1.000€, 750€ and 500€.

We sincerely congratulate all award winners and thank them for their outstanding pharmaceutical work!

Prof. Maria Blanco-Prieto, EUFEPS President

Cristina Casadidio

Souhaila El Moukhtari

Gülşen Aybar Tural




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