New Safe Medicines Faster Award

In Drug Development Science

The New Safe Medicines Faster (NSMF) Award, sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis, was established in 2002 to, every year, honour an individual scientist - or a team of scientists - for outstanding contributions to innovation and advancement of new methodology or technology, which has significantly contributed to shorten or make the drug development process more efficient. The introduction of innovation must have happened during the ten years preceding the year of the NSMF Award. It was presented, for the first time, in 2003, at the EUFEPS/APGI Conference on Optimising Drug Delivery and Formulation (Versailles FR).

The work to be recognised by this Award must be original and deal with the drug development process. It may cover any aspect from basic research to applied research. It must, furthermore, be innovative and should provide a basis for a faster and/or more efficient drug development process and approval. It must also be based on experimental or practical work. If the work has regulatory implications it is an advantage, should contact with authorities for approval have been initiated. No restriction is made with respect to nationality, origin (industry or academic establishment) or any specialisation (pharmacist or otherwise) of the nominees. The winner/s, selected by a branch of the EUFEPS Committee on Awards and Prizes (CAP), receives a sum of money with the New Safe Medicines Faster Award Certificate, including to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

To be considered for this award nominations should be sent to the EUFEPS Secretariat, before end of February, in the year of the Award, including name and full address of the nominee, together with a short recommendation which clearly states the background and rationale for the nomination.






Mats Bergström, Anders Grahnén and Bengt Långström (Uppsala, Sweden)


Geoffrey T. Tucker and Amin Rostami (Sheffield, United Kingdom)


Per Artursson (Uppsala, Sweden) and Manfred Kansy (Basel, Switzerland)


Meindert Danhof (Leiden, The Netherlands)


Peter York (Bradford, United Kingdom), Staffan Folestad (Moelndal, Sweden), Hans Leuenberger (Basel, Switzerland), and Jouko Kalervo Yliruusi (Helsinki, Finland)


Hans Lennernäs (Uppsala, Sweden)


Malcolm Rowland (Manchester, United Kingdom)


Hans H Lindén (Stockholm, Sweden)



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