EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2019 : Conference Report

EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2019, Frankfurt, Germany


More than 260 participants from 26 countries were attracted to the EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2019, which took place between March 6 and 8 2019, at the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany.


The aim of this scientific event is to invite the members of these societies and also colleagues from other European countries under the umbrella of EUFEPS to building up closer collaboration between pharmacists and other members of the scientific community dealing with drug research and development, and to strengthening the European spirit in Europe.

Prof. Dieter Steinhilber, chairman of the conference and President of EUFEPS opened the meeting and the audience was welcomed by Rolf van Dick (Vice-President Goethe University Frankfurt) and Jochen Maas (Vice-President House of Pharma).

The conference included 8 plenary- and 63 oral lectures, which were accompanied by 66 posters. The first plenary lecturer, Prof. Daniel Müller (University of Toronto, Canada), discussed the implementation of pharmacogenetics in psychiatry. In a brilliant lecture, Prof. Juan José Lasarte (University of Navarra, Spain) talked about awakening the immune system to fight cancer. Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) dealt with bad reasons for publishing research findings and their negative impact on data reliability. The third plenary speaker Prof. Ravi Kumar (Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy) spoke about next generation nanosystems in drug delivery: It’s all about delivery. Prof. Frank Buchholz (TU Dresden, Germany) characterized the programmable nucleases and designer recombinases for genome surgery. Prof. Kathy Giacomini (University California, USA) presented an overview on Global consortia: Empowering pharmacogenomic studies. Prof. Maria Jose Alonso (University Santiago de Compostela, Spain) introduced the audience to the topic why to use nanotechnology for the formulation of proteins. The last plenary speaker Ugur Sahin (Tron Mainz, Germany) analyzed the individualized cancer immunotherapy.

Oral lecturers discussed different hot topics in drug research and development. Their presentations were well received and initiated very interesting scientific discussions concerning their specific topics.

In the poster section, many talented young scientists presented their latest research results covering various aspects of drug discovery and drug development. Their findings were discussed in depth by the conference participants during the Welcome Reception on March 6. German pharmacists and chemists exhibited the majority of the posters, while Hungarian and Turkish scientists likewise presented significant numbers of posters, not to forget to mention many good-quality posters which arrived from Italy, UK and Spain, too. Moreover, interesting results were reported from international co-operations.

The conference dinner on the second evening offered a unique possibility for the participants to initiate new scientific collaboration and to broaden earlier common research programs between different countries and university departments.

On behalf of EUFEPS, Prof. Dieter Steinhilber thanked all participants of this meeting for the high scientific level of their contributions and he invited the scientific community to the EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2020 from June 15 – 17 in Gothenburg, Sweden.