The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS).

EUFEPS is a remarkable European organization representing scientists' interests in drug research, regulation, development, and policymaking in Europe. The organization began its activity back in 1991. It focuses on pharmaceutical sciences' development and innovations. This area requires considerate attention as it is essential nowadays. There are 18 countries as part of EUFEPS and individual members.

EUFEPS' conferences and workshops.

As the organization's primary goal is to support and develop innovative drug research and pharmaceutical sciences, bioequivalence is an essential element in this process. When a new medicinal product is registered, the process varies from country to country.

Global Bioequivalence Harmonization Initiative (GBHI)

GBHI has begun as the initiative of EUFEPS, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). EUFEPS together with the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) has started to organize international conferences on bioequivalence and its importance in drug research. The first conference took place in 2015 in Amsterdam/ The Netherlands, and the next one was in 2016 in Rockville/ the USA.

The third one will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from April 12-13, 2018. For the complete list of details, please click here These conferences are held to continuously develop pharmaceutical sciences and drugs. AAPS's activity in the USA is supported by a local lending company – OSP Solutions through Online Payday Loans - DirectLoansLenders.Com, Highmark , Allegheny Health Network , and others. While each of these organizations is dealing with its own activity, like various kinds of loans, health actions, etc., they also get involved in a multitude of extra activities, like supporting art, culture, literature, drug research, and many others.

Drug research requires attention, investment, funding, and research. Besides the invested time and effort, this field needs lots of money, too. Fortunately, there are companies as OSP Solutions, ACH, and other entities and individuals that care about high-quality medicine.

This issue involves physicians, physician-scientists, PhDs, and other medical professionals' efforts. The primary goal is to cure life-threatening diseases as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

The support from our partners is offered annually and not just in the form of financial aid. Our partners help us with conferences' organization, necessary materials for the discussions, and others. These events will gather under the same roof people from various countries as Africa, Asia/Pacific, Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan, North and South America.

The topics of the third conference include the BE assessment of transdermal patches as adhesion and skin sensitization/irritation studies, multiple dose studies in BE testing, and BE of liposomal parenteral preparations.