7th BBBB International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences




The deadline for submitting abstracts of oral/poster presentations: 15 May 2017
Confirmation of the acceptance of abstracts: 15 July 2017

The Scientific Committee invites colleagues to submit as many abstracts as possible. There will be both oral and poster presentations at the conference. When submitting your abstract, please indicate which type of presentation you would prefer. Depending on the submitted abstracts and the topics, the Scientific Committee will decide whether the presentation will be accepted as an oral or as a poster presentation.

When submitting your abstract, please also indicate your first and second preference in terms of thematic area.

Please observe the above deadline, as we are unable to accept abstracts received afterwards.



This conference will be held on October 5-7, 2017, Balatonfüred, Hungary, and the series initiated by EUFEPS started in 2005 for close cooperation among the Pharmaceutical Societies of Hungary, Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, and the Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Scientists’ Association, i.e. member organisations of EUFEPS. It gathers members of these organisations and colleagues from neighbouring countires and much wider, serving as a strong and stable forum for permanent dialogue between scientists in all fields of pharmaceutical sciences, drug research and development, manufacturing and usage. Participants can and should present their results, discuss new developments and future directions of the pharmaceutical sciences in the broadest sense, also offering good opportunity for young pharmaceutical scientists to get in contact with future employers, stimulating initiatives for common research projects, and arriving at new approaches and projects for accelerated development and introduction of safer and better medicines. Abstract submission and registration links are up running on the conference website at http://7thbbbb.com/