Abstract Submission GBHI conference


The meeting includes poster sessions where you will have the opportunity to present your work and discuss it with your colleagues.

The meeting programme includes discussions during which you will have the opportunity to contribute with two slides. 

The scientific committee will decide which contributions (poster and discussion slides) will be accapted. 



Posters: March 1st, 2018

Discussion Slides: March 23, 2018


For the Discussion slides only Power Point files will be accapted. The maximum will be two slides. Please use the first headline for the session topic the discussion slides are prepared for.  Please use your surname to name your document.


The abstract file will only be accapted as PDF. The Files may contain embedded graphics, but consider longer transmission times and timeout problems. Invalid files cause complete cancellation of your submission.

Concerning the layout of your abstract please keep to the following guidelines:

Volume one page DIN A 4 (29,7 cm height, 21 cm width)
Font Arial, 12 pt
Margins left/right: 2,3 cm; above/below: 3 cm
1st paragraph empty
2nd paragraph Title of the paper (bold face)
3rd paragraph Authors of the contribution in the format 
initials, main author, city/country code, 
Co-author(s) in the same format, 
Address of the main author
4th paragraph Contents of the abstract
Foot Notes Do not use Winword foot-notes, please write foot-notes 
in normal text at the end of your abstract
Title of the document Please use your surname as document title. You can use the following signs: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, point (.), underline (_), minus (-). Blanks are not allowed. The length of the document title should not longer than 20 signs, the max. of the file size is 25MB.


How to submit an abstract or discussion slides


  1. Prepare your abstract and save it as a pdf file (Prepare the discussion slides and save it as ppt file).
  2. Send it by mail to: secretariat@eufeps.org



Download Sample Abstract

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