Best Paper Award

For Article in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Best Paper Award recognises, every year, the best paper published in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Eur J Pharm Sci) in the year preceding the year of the Award. It was established in 2001, and it is supported by Elsevier, publisher of the Journal. The first Best Paper Award was presented at the EUFEPS 2002 (Stockholm SE), and after this (two papers) at the EUFEPS 2004 (Brussels BE), and at the 2005 EUFEPS/APGI Conference on Optimising Drug Delivery and Formulation (Versailles FR). The winning paper is selected by a branch of the EUFEPS Committee on Awards and Prizes (CAP) among the top ten articles recommended for consideration by the Editors of the Journal. The author - or authors - of the winning paper receive a sum of money with the Best Paper Award Certificate.









P.J. Gaillard, L.H. Voorwinden, J.L. Nielsen, A. Ivanov,
R. Atsumi, H. Engman,
C. Ringbom, A.G. de Boer and D.D. Breimer

Establishment and functional characterization of an in vitro model of the blood-brain barrier, comprising a co-culture of brain capillary endothelial cells and astrocytes

2001, 12, 215-222


G. Bäckström, J. Taipalensuu,
H. Melhus, H. Brändström,
Svensson, P. Artursson and A. Kindmark

Genetic variation in the ATP-binding Cassette Transporter gene ABCG2 (BCRP) in a Swedish population

2003, 18, 359-364


G.L. Perlovich, S.V. Kurkov and A. Bauer-Brandl

Thermodynamics of solutions II. Flurbiprofen and diflunisal as models for studying solvation of drug substances

2003, 18, 423-432


G.W. Bos, J.J.L. Jacobs,
J.W. Koten, S. Van Tomme,
T. Veldhuis, C.F. van Nostrum, W. Den Otter and W.E. Hennink

In situ crosslinked biodegradable hydrogels loaded with IL-2 are effective tools for local IL-2 therapy

2004, 21, 561-567


M. Boustta, T. Etrych,

L. Leclercq and M. Vert

Polyelectrolyte complex formation and stability when mixing polyanions and polycations in salted media:

A model study related to the case of body fluids

2005, 25, 281-288


J.H. Proost, L. Beljaars,
P. Olinga, P.J. Swart
M.E. Kuipers, C. Reker-Smit
G.M.M. Groothius andD.K.F. Meijer

Prediction of the pharmacokinetics of succinylated human serum albumin in man from in vivo disposition data in animals

and in vitro liver slice incubations

2006, 27, 123-132


M. Norrman, F. Hubáleka and Schluckebier

Structural characterization of insulin NPH formulations

2007, 30, 414-423


C. Fella, G.F. Walker,
M. Ogris and E. Wagner

Amine-reactive pyridylhydrazone-based PEG reagents for pH-reversible PEI polyplex shielding

2008, 34, 309-320


X. Shi, Y. Wang, R.R. Varshney, L.R. Yihong Gong and D-A. Wang

Microsphere-based drug releasing scaffolds for inducing osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

2010, 39, 59-67


Widjaja, E., Kanaujia, P., Lau, G., Ng, W.K., Garland, M., Saal, C., Hanefeld, A., Fischbach, M., Maio, M., Tan, R.B.H.

Detection of trace crystallinity in an amorphous system using Raman microscopy and chemometric analysis

2011, 42, 45-54


Mata, E., Igartua, M., Patarroyo, M.E., Pedraz, J.L., Hernández, R.M.

Enhancing immunogenicity to PLGA microparticulate systems by incorporation of alginate and RGD-modified alginate

2011, 44, 32-40


Mandery, K., Balk, B., Bujok, K., Schmidt, I., Fromm, M.F., Glaeser, H.

Inhibition of hepatic uptake transporters by flavonoids

2012, 47, 35-43


Bose, S., Schenck, D., Ghosh, I., Hollywood, A., Maulit, E., Ruegger, C.

Application of spray granulation for conversion of a nanosuspension into a dry powder form

2012, 47, 35-43


Sjöbeg, Å. K., Lutz, M., Tannergren, C., Wingolf, C., Borde, A., Ungell, A.-L.

Comperhensive study on regional human intestinal permeability and prediction of fraction absorbed of drugs using the Ussing chamber technique

2013, 48, 166-180


Stappaerts, J., Wuyts, B., Tack, J.,  Annaert, P., Augustijns, P. Human and simulated intestinal fluids as solvent systems to explore food effects on intestinal solubility and permeability 2014, 63, 178-186



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